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Assessment Regulations for Programmes Leading to Academic Awards and Professional Registration Offered within Health Sciences

The assessment regulations in this section apply to the following programmes of study. For ease of reference, the regulations have been split into General Regulations which are relevant for all programmes and specific regulations which pertain to the listed programmes only:

BSc Nursing (Adult)                                               

BSc Nursing (Child)

BSc Nursing (Mental Health)                    

BMid Midwifery - long programme

BMid Midwifery – short programme     

Dip Paramedic Science

Dip Paramedic Science for Emergency Medical Technicians

BSc Paramedic Science

BSc Social Work

BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology)

BSc Healthcare Science (Cardiac Physiology)

BSc Healthcare Science (Respiratory and Sleep Physiology)

BSc Healthcare Science (Radiotherapy Physics)

BSc Healthcare Science (Nuclear Medicine)

BSc Paramedic Science for Emergency Medical Technicians

BSc Occupational Therapy