The College - Personal Tutor System

1.    The Personal Tutor System


The College, Swansea University operates a two tier Personal tutor/ Academic Mentor system.


Students enrolled with The College will be assigned a Personal Tutor who is a member of the College Services Team. The assigned Personal Tutor will act as the first point of contact for pastoral care with regards to student welfare. Students are able to discuss issues affecting their general academic progress (including information on progression criteria, for example), personal development and welfare with their Personal Tutor.


Students enrolled with The College will also receive academic mentoring via the Interactive Learning Skills and Communication (or equivalent) module, which all students are enrolled on at each level of their study. Lecturers on this module will provide feedback and advice to students regarding academic study and will facilitate the development of students’ study skills enabling them to become more effective independent learners.

2.    The Role of The College


To provide clear information to students and staff regarding the provision of Personal Tutors/ Academic Mentoring in The College.


To ensure that all students enrolled with The College are allocated a named Personal Tutor at the commencement of their programme.


To ensure that students know how to contact/access Personal Tutors and Academic Mentoring content.


To ensure that an appropriate system is maintained to effectively monitor Personal Tutoring/ Academic Mentoring arrangements within The College.


To ensure that clear information is provided to students on how to request a change of Personal Tutor.

3.     The Role of the Personal Tutor


Personal Tutors should make proactive email contact with their tutees twice per semester. Students can additionally make contact with their Personal Tutor as and when required throughout the semester.


Personal Tutors should provide information to tutees on sources of guidance and support available in the University.


Personal Tutors should recognise their own limitations and, in cases of doubt, should seek to refer students to specialist sources of advice and support.


Personal Tutors should ensure that they operate within the framework for student support within the University.