Swansea Social Hideaway
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Swansea Social Hideaway

If you’re looking to chill out with friends, knuckle down with work or dive into some fresh culinary delights, look no further than the Swansea Social Hideaway.

The Swansea Social Hideaway is a place to eat and so much more. This large, bright and vibrant space has quiet corners and booths for studying, comfortable sofas for socialising and various amenities such as washroom facilities, drinking water dispensers and plenty of charging facilities.   

Keep an eye out on Chartwells social media pages for exciting upcoming events, such as sports screenings and live music.

Opening hours

8am to 10pm (Mon-Sat) 9am-9pm (Sun)

Available facilities

Swansea Social Hideway is a great place to unwind and is equipped with a wide range of facilities including comfortable seating, multiple workspaces, click & collect food service and Costa coffee.

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