Workshops are offered both in person and online. They are usually between 2 and 3 hours long. The exact duration will be shown on the list of workshops on our website and will also be in the email confirmation you receive when you book a workshop. 

If there are any adjustments we can make to allow you to participate in the training, please email at least one week prior to the start of the workshop.

How do I book for a workshop I want to attend? 

Booking for in person workshops is completed via Eventbrite. Online workshops take place on Zoom and registration is managed via Zoom. You’ll be automatically taken to the relevant booking link when you click on the title of the workshop you’d like to book on the View and Book PGR workshops page. Booking is essential so that we can plan for the appropriate number of people and provide enough resources.  If you find you can no longer attend after signing up, please email to let us know.

Who can attend the workshops? 

PGRs from any discipline on doctoral programmes and research masters from across the university. This means there will likely be some people that you don’t already know, and people at different stages of their research.

What do the workshops involve?

You'll be asked to complete a register at the beginning of the workshop and an evaluation form at the end. Workshops might involve participating in in short tasks, group discussions, asking or answering questions. Some activities may be completed individually and others in a group. The extent to which you participate is up to you.  

Who delivers the workshops? 

Academics and professional services staff from the university and external training providers.

Where do in person workshops take place?

In person workshops are taught in teaching rooms on Singleton Campus and Bay Campus. We usually use seminar style rooms or sometimes PC Labs or lecture theatres.  You'll find out the location of the workshop when you register. 

What happens in an online workshop?  

Online workshops take place on Zoom. There will be a waiting room when you first join and the training provider will let you in when they are ready.  The training provider will welcome you when you join and explain how the session will run.  It's good practice to have your camera on but if you are not able to, you can still participate by using the microphone and chat or other online platforms (such as online quizzes or whiteboards). You might want to have your camera off for information/listening sections and on for group discussions or interactive activities.  If you have any specific questions for the training provider, you can privately message them in the chat. 

What should I bring to a workshop? 

For in person workshops bring a notebook and pen, or laptop if preferred. It’s a good idea to bring a drink too.  If there are specific things you need to bring, you'll be told about this in advance. 

Will there be a break? 

There will be a 5-10 minute break after each hour of delivery.  If you need to take more breaks, just let the training provider know. 

If you have any further questions about taking part in our workshops, please email