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Use social media to share your research with a wider audience. 

As research students, you are probably used to people asking “so, what are you researching?” It can often be hard to explain in a way that is concise and engaging.

Tweet your Thesis challenges you to summarise your research and why it is important in just 280 characters. 

Our Tweet Your Thesis competition will run until September 14th.

To enter, you must post your tweet within these dates using #TweetYourThesis and tagging @PGRswansea. 

The winning tweeters will win a voucher.


  • You must be a current Swansea University postgraduate research student. 
  • You must include #TweetYourThesis and tag @PGRSwansea
  • You are limited to one, 280-character tweet - you can include this in a follow up tweet
  • You can use Gifs and Emojis. 
  • Images can be included but must not contain further explanatory text.
  • No links to further text are permitted. 


Judging criteria 

Clarity: is your Tweet succinct and accessible to the lay reader? 

Impact: are the aims of your research clear to your audience? 

Engagement: is your Tweet likely to attract the attention of your audience and make them want to learn more? 


Please note, if you do not use social media but would still like to engage with this challenge you are welcome to email a 280 character summary of your research to the PGR Office and we will share it on your behalf.