Our friendly team is here to support staff in Academic Colleges and Professional Service Units to embed health and safety into their day-to-day work.
The team of qualified and experienced health and safety professionals are committed to working together with staff and students to ensure health and safety management and operations at Swansea University is continuously improving and that we comply with our statutory requirements.
Head of Health, Safety & Resilience Louise Nowell r.l.nowell@swansea.ac.uk  07592 774555
Health, Safety & Resilience Manager Andy Walters d.a.walters@swansea.ac.uk 07864 955198
Fire, Premises & CDM Manager Phil Moreman p.j.moremon@swansea.ac.uk   07889 646209 
Scientific Safety Advisor Andy Lee a.c.lee@swansea.ac.uk 07763 572708
Learning, Development & Information Manager Nina Dicataldo n.dicataldo@swansea.ac.uk n/a
Health & Safety Advisor (Science) Lorraine Wild l.b.wild@swansea.ac.uk   07540 303208
Health & Safety Advisor (Medicine/ Health) Alison Trace a.p.trace@swansea.ac.uk 07850 939457
Health & Safety Advisor (Engineering) Will Finn-Lewis w.d.finn-lewis@swansea.ac.uk 07592 774556
Health & Safety Advisor (Health/ Peripatetic) Gemma Mclean g.l.mclean@swansea.ac.uk   07864 952572
Health & Safety Compliance Officer Andrew Hillier andrew.hillier@swansea.ac.uk   07725 626002