The Cyber and Information Security team is responsible for developing and maintaining the University Information Security Management System (ISMS) to help ensure that risks to our information are managed to a level which is acceptable to the senior leadership and governance structures of the University. Everyone that is part of the University is responsible for keeping our information safe from harm and we work closely with teams and individuals from across the University to support this.

The team’s remit covers all information and systems at the University. We work closely with information owners and other teams from across the University.

Group Of People
Neil Cordell


Neil Cordell is the Head of Cyber and Information Security.

01792 606924

Teams within the Cyber and Information Security Team


The Cyber and Information Operations team co-ordinates the day to day monitoring of cyber and information security events from University systems and the network. The team investigate and respond to alerts which may indicate a potential issue in addition to dealing with incidents that are reported to us. The team is supported by a 24/365 Security Operations Centre to ensure that our systems are constantly monitored for anomalies and appropriate action is taken whenever concerns arise. The operations team is also responsible for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities on our systems and for keeping up to date with emerging threats to our infrastructure.

Governance Awareness and Training Architecture