Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

Welcome to The College January 2023

We look forward to meeting you at Welcome Week. There will be a varied program of events during the week, and we hope this will provide you with plenty of information and inspiration as you begin your programme of study. There will also be opportunities to socialise with the other students on your course and learn about the support that will be available to you as you study.

Welcome and enrolment week for all new students starts Monday 16th January 2023 and you can find the full timetable below, it has also been emailed to you! The information you'll receive is really important to your academic year ahead so please make every effort to attend

Undergraduate Students - Teaching will start for our undergraduate students on Monday 23rd January 2023

Pre-Master Students - All Pre-Master students will be expected to attend a compulsory Pre-Masters Academic Induction Week. This will start Monday 23rd January 2023. Teaching will start Monday 30th January.

See you all soon!

Induction Week Timetables