Let me offer you a warm welcome to The College, Swansea University as you take your first steps on your journey here in South Wales. As you begin your new adventure here, you will be in the safest of hands, being able to access the best support for your academic and personal needs from our wonderful lecturers and support staff.  You will cover a wide range of topics this year, providing you the opportunity to learn, reflect and grow in confidence to be a self-sufficient learner. 

Should you ever have any questions or concerns, the staff here will be happy to help you in whatever way they can, and all will look forward to building a relationship with you during your time here.

You will be in a truly international setting, with students from both the UK and many other countries, which will provide experiences and insights to help develop you as a global citizen.  Based at the stunning Bay campus, joining us here at The College you will be able to enjoy all the facilities and activities that University life has to offer. Make sure you grasp every opportunity, both inside and outside of the lecture rooms!

All that is left is say is that I look forward to meeting and welcoming you, in person, to The College, Swansea University very soon!

Sharon Davies-Smith


We look forward to meeting you at Welcome Week. There will be a varied program of events during the week, and we hope this will provide you with plenty of information and inspiration as you begin your programme of study. There will also be opportunities to socialise with the other students on your course and learn about the support that will be available to you as you study.

The new student Welcome and Induction Week for The College will run from Tuesday 28th to Friday 31st May 2024. The information you'll receive is really important to your academic year ahead, please make every effort to attend.

Please note that this is different to your teaching timetable which will be in place when the lectures start on Monday 3rd June for Undergraduate students and Monday 10th June for Pre-Master Students.

Please note that all Pre-Master student will have a compulsory Academic Induction week that starts on Monday 3rd of June 2024.

All timetables will be finalised closer to your start dates.

Induction Week Timetables


The guide deals with topics such as;

Hapus - The Student Life Toolkit

Hapus is an online course that prepares you for the mental, emotional, and practical challenges of university. It provides you with the knowledge and tools to deal with issues such as social anxiety, managing your money and low mood.

You may encounter negative emotions or experiences as you transition into, or through, life at Swansea University. This is perfectly normal. We understand that university life can be both exciting and overwhelming, which is why we want to provide you with helpful strategies to navigate your time at Swansea.

You can access the course via your Canvas account, and it is available in English and Welsh.

We have also created a course for your parents, partners, and guardians, so please share this with them.