a group of students gathered around a laptop

Part 1 - Introduction to Group Work

The first video considers why group work is important and discusses the main skills you can develop from successfully working in a group.

Part 2 - Forming

This video encourages you to think about the first stage of group formation. This is the point at which you will be thinking about how you function as an individual within the group, and asks you to explore your fears and hopes for building a successful group.

Part 3 - Storming

In this video, we will think about some of the problems that can occur when you are working in a group. It is inevitable that there will be some difficulties, but that is very natural when individuals come together. Here, you can begin thinking about how you might approach problem solving and how that will help you develop some of the important skills you need.

Part 4 - Norming

In this video, we talk about the stage of group formation when individuals begin to feel comfortable with one another and the work being done in the group. You will be asked to think about why this stage is important.

Part 5 - Performing and Adjourning

When you reach the end stages of group work, you will be able to complete your task successfully and deliver the objectives of your assignment. It is important to continue to reflect on how you have performed both as an individual and a group, because this will help you consolidate your skills.