Obligations of Students


Students shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner. They also have an obligation, shared with all other members of the University, to assist in checking disorderly or improper conduct or any breach of Regulations arising in the University and/or its precincts. Any authorised member of the staff of the University may for good reason require any student to leave a specified part of the University premises; failure to comply with such a request will render a student liable to disciplinary action.


Any student who commits a criminal offence within the University property may face disciplinary action and/or criminal proceedings.


Students who attempt to obstruct teaching, study, research, or the administration of the University, or who in fact obstruct any member of the University in the performance of their duties, will be liable to disciplinary action.


A student absent from the University without proper cause may be liable to withdraw from the University.


The following terms are defined as below:

  • Vice-Chancellor shall mean the Vice-Chancellor, a Pro-Vice-Chancellor or an appropriate nominee.
  • Executive Dean shall mean the Executive Dean or nominee (such as Programme Director).
  • Director of Education Services shall mean the Director of Education Services or an administrative colleague within Education Services.
  • A Committee of Enquiry is a Senior University Committee, independent of Faculties/Schools, which shall review decisions and where appropriate impose penalties.
  • Final Review Committee is a Senior University Committee, independent of Faculties/Schools, which may be convened to consider final reviews.

Please also refer to the University's Statement on Engagement.