Swansea University enforces a zero-tolerance approach when addressing sexual misconduct.

Sexual misconduct is defined under the university's policy as: 

'Students’ general misconduct of a sexual nature and includes (but is not limited) to rape, sexual harassment, sexual assault, obscene/indecent remarks etc. this list is not exhaustive and “any conduct of a sexual nature without consent” could be considered as sexual misconduct.'

Any form of sexual misconduct is never okay. 

Where to Start?

When an incident happens, it can be distressing and confusing of what you should do. We have put together some information about your options and the next steps to take below if you experience sexual misconduct.

Immediately after the event

If you feel like you or someone else may still be at risk call the Police or Campus Security.

If you are not at risk, find somewhere safe and warm and call somebody you trust to support you e.g. a friend, or family member. If you are in halls of residence this could be your RLA if you do not want to contact friends or family.

If you don’t feel comfortable phoning the police, you can call the New Pathways Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) on 01685 379 310, Out of Hours Tel. No.: 07423 437020, or through a self-referral. Referral Forms - New Pathways

Reporting the incident