Travel Cover Information for Swansea University Students

If you are a registered student of Swansea University, you will be afforded use of the University's travel cover whilst travelling on official University business (once the activity has been authorised by your College Supervisor and/or Head of College).

The cover extends to, but is not limited to, exchange year’s abroad, placements and electives.

It should be noted that any student travelling against medical advice cannot make use of the cover wording.

The travel cover available is relevant to -

a) Outside the student covered's Country of Domicile or

b) Within the student covered's Country of Domicile but only where the student(s) are required to obtain overnight accommodation away from the normal place of residence, or

c) Where the journey requires an internal flight, and the flight has been booked in advance of the journey.

N.B. Medical expenses apply to a) above only.

The cover is purely for the length of the time you are away on relevant University business. You should organise your own cover for any holidays or activities taken outside of this period

All travellers should refer to  and should take a copy of this form with them.