Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information
Student studying by themself

If you are experiencing difficulties that are affecting your ability to submit an assignment or sit an exam, the University Extenuating Circumstances Process is there to support you.  The policy for Extenuating Circumstances can be found here.

If you are struggling to meet any deadlines, please submit a Special Circumstances Affecting Continuous Assessment form which can be found on BlackBoard/Canvas; following the guidance below (please remember that all submission deadlines will be based on UK time)

If you are unwell and unable to sit an exam, or have been unwell and your preparation for the exam has been severely affected, please submit a Request for Deferral of Examinations which can be found on BlackBoard/Canvas.

Please submit your request as soon as possible and within 5 days of the submission deadline.

Please note that students on professional programmes that adhere to a Fit to Sit Policy must submit requests before the assessment deadline or examination. Students who choose to sit the examination will then have 5 days to decide whether to withdraw the request, during this time your assessment will not be marked.

Submission Process, Timeline and Outcomes

Please submit all requests via email using our Extenuating Guidelines Policy for guidance on the process. 

We understand getting medical evidence may be difficult at this time and may not be required in all cases. You can follow up with your supporting document, if required, at a later date, as these can be uploaded separately. 

Please ensure you complete the form with as much detail as possible and state the length of the extension requested i.e 1 week.

The entire process will be completed online and you will be notified by email of the outcome.

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