How we tested

A selection of sample pages of was audited. 

The website is built using a content management system and each page uses content pods that’s style and HTML markup are repeated across the site. So, any non-compliance found on one page would be repeated on a page using the same pod. This method was concluded as the best way to effectively audit and identify any barriers in the time available for this process. 

Sample pages included in the manual and automated review supported by evaluation tools were as follows:

  • Landing Page 
  • Account Page 

A wider selection of pages has been already tested on, which uses the same codebase and content management system.


Audit Process

The internal audit on sample pages have been subjected to the following process:

  • An automated review using Microsoft Insights Tool
  • A manual review supported by Microsoft Insights Tool
  • A manual review based on POUR Checklist
  • A manual Review using NVDA Screen Reader examining areas of navigation, interaction, time limits and error recovery.

The audits were performed on windows 10 laptop and iphone 7.


Why we tested like this

The audit process was conducted by our internal usability specialist, as we do not have a dedicated accessibility resource. This approach was decided upon based on the size of the website, time, resources and funding the organization had available at the time.

The full accessibility test report is available on request.


How we monitor accessibility

A fully automated website audit is also done remotely on weekly basis. The test is carried out by Site Improve This approach produces allow us to monitor overall accessibility of the website and target pages with issues to be addressed.