Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

Within your Faculty there are disability coordinators who ensure that support and adjustments are available to assist you with your disabilities, mental health difficulties and/or related medical conditions.

  • Act as a point of reference, advice and guidance for students
  • Encourage students to disclose a disability and/or medical condition as soon as possible
  • Distribute information on reasonable adjustments to appropriate members of academic and administrative staff who need to know including academic mentor, programme director, module coordinator, and exams office 
  • Liaise with the Wellbeing and Disability Service to support student's needs.
  • Champion inclusive and accessible teaching and learning
  • Provide advice and guidance or liaise with colleagues with appropriate knowledge on the impact particular programme requirements within the Faculty may have on a student with a disability e.g. field trip, laboratory work.

Get in touch with your disability coordinators by email: