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Using social media for job hunting

Employers are utilising Social Media in order to recruit talented graduates, it is a cost effective way of advertising, as it is often free! 

By following and engaging with graduate recruiters and organisations via social media, you are able to keep up to date on their latest developments and news. Find out if employers have specific accounts for live vacancies, internship opportunities and graduate recruitment. Search for specific social media accounts and blogs relevant to your field i.e. Professional bodies such as the CIPD for HR careers.

Social media can be a great way of developing your commercial awareness and networking.

Top Ten tips for social media job seeking by the guardian:

What tools can I use?

Linked In – the largest professional social network. Build a profile via an online CV, to showcase your education and experience to recruiters and develop your ‘brand’. Connect with previous colleges and build your network, join relevant groups and discussion boards. LinkedIn includes a Students and Recent Graduates group designed to provide advice on ways to network your way to a job - visit to help you get started. Jobs for students and recent graduates are published at  See also our page on how to make the most of LinkedIn.

Facebook – highlight to your Facebook contacts you are job hunting and keep up to date with organisations you are interested in working for by ‘liking’ their pages and commenting.

Twitter – an excellent resource for your job search, you can follow industry links, send and read short tweets providing information quickly. Follow companies official twitter feeds; also search for specific graduate recruitment or vacancy information. Make sure that if you include organisations names in hashtags your tweet is professional, once in the public domain they cannot be retracted. 
Depending on the sector or profession, think about other tools i.e. Blogs and Instagram for creative roles or media roles.

Pitfalls to avoid – manage your online presence

Marketing yourself to potential employers positively via social media is important. Clean up your profile and ensure it is professional; you want to get noticed for the right reasons!

Top tips for professional social media use

  • Upload a professional profile picture 
  • Consider having a separate social media account for job hunting 
  • Clean up your profile - check grammar and spelling, write a profile which includes key words that highlight your skills and experience 
  • Review your privacy settings 
  • Always think before you post – do not upload or tweet anything deemed offensive or inappropriate 
  • Target Jobs: managing your online reputation

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