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Assessment centres

The main purpose of assessment centres is to create an environment in which you, along with other candidates, demonstrate key workplace skills. These include communication, teamwork, problem-solving, task management and leadership and they are assessed through activities like group work, presentations, case studies and e-tray exercises. 

Here are useful links to help you understand what assessment centres involve and how best to approach the different activities.

Improve your performance at Assessment Centres

Before you attend an Assessment Centre we would recommend that you look at the Assessment Centre Tool in our careers learning portal which has been designed to develop your skills in this area: Click here to access.

Assessment Centre Video

Get some top tips from employers on how best to prepare for Assessment Centres:-

General Tips for assessment centre success

Mock Assessment Centres

The Careers and Employability Team run Mock Assessment Centres during term-time which are a good way of developing your skills in this area – see our What’s on page.