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Employers look for a range of skills as well as a positive approach and mind-set. Once you start exploring opportunities and reading job descriptions you may find there is particular knowledge that you would like to develop. For example it may be useful to learn Welsh or another language or to learn how to use spreadsheets or databases, or there may be roles that are new to you such as chairing or participating effectively in meetings or managing a project. You may find that you need to adapt your style to suit the environment or develop your skills and approaches in new situations.

Choosing a course

There are a range of short courses which can help you develop specific skills or progress your personal or professional development. They may be run by a local College of Further Education, a professional body or a private provider and could be part-time or on line. If you are thinking of taking a course it will be important to explore the range of providers and compare fees (for tuition, materials and any exams), levels of tuition/ support etc. Who accredits the course and the level it is at could also be important, as is its value and recognition by employers.

Finding a course

Some short non accredited courses are available to you while you are a student here through the Abintegro Careers Learning Portal.  To access it:-

  1. Make sure you are logged into MyUni.
  2. Click here to access the Portal, and click the 'log me in' link.
  3. Have a look at 'Business skills' under the 'Resources' tab, and also explore resources under the'Development' section.

The National Careers Service has a course search facility for England. For courses in Wales see the Careers Wales website.

Learndirect is a large provider of flexible training with centres throughout Great Britain. See for example

The Open University also provide short courses on topics such as “Connecting with your customers” and “Developing a strategic view” which may be useful to you initially or as your career develops.

Once you are in employment you may find that your employer has a professional development programme and may offer courses or support you with time or financially to take an external course.

Need more advice?

See our page on speaking with a careers adviser.