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Finding out what you would like to do when you graduate is often helped if you have had some experience of what it is actually like working in a particular environment and what the people are like.  This is often referred to as the 'environment' and the 'culture' of a workplace.

This unit of the Career Development Course is about you gaining experience in such environments/cultures. An experience must be at least three working days in duration. How these three days are completed is flexible; whether complete days or even an hour here and there as long as the hours add up to 21 hours or more in total.

This experience does not have to be confined to work as we gain skills that can be used in the work place in many of the activities that we take part in outside of your studies.

These skills are referred to as 'Transferable skills'

An experience could come from the following list:

This list is to give you some ideas, but is in no way exhaustive. If you have part time work, work over the vacations, gain experience in a school etc this can be used as an experience on the Career Development Course.

See also information under the Employment Zone section on our home page.

For this experience you will need to take the initiative to find them and carry them out.
Your personal tutor will need to confirm that you did actually do it.

You will need to think about the environment, culture and skills that you gained and developed, writing a little about them.

You will need to think about which skills that you have developed are strengths and what needs further work, or indeed which areas you want to avoid if at all possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When undertaking an experience placement you need to bear in mind any visa restrictions you may have. 

You can get more detailed advice from the CampusLife web pages, or by emailing International@CampusLife.