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SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Working out what these are can be a useful part of making decisions and identifying your next steps and creating an Action Plan.

Goal: To gain employment working with the homeless


Any skills, aptitudes that may benefit you in reaching your goal.


  • Through my degree I have developed and I analytical and objective approach 
  • I have a strong interest in and understanding of psychological wellbeing and homelessness.
  • I have three years of work experience through my part time job, so I can demonstrate core skills such as communication and team work, ….


Any areas where you may need to focus for improvement and further development.


  • I have no direct experience of working with the homeless. 
  • I tend to concentrate on difficulties’ rather than solutions.


To which opportunities might you apply your particular strengths, skills and abilities?


  • My research shows that there tends to be a number of vacancies in this area.
  • I enjoy autonomy and this area will give me the chance to take high levels of responsibility


What obstacles do you face? How might you overcome these?


  • Work environments with unpredictable demands may be difficult and stressful for me.
  • Some posts are for qualified Social Workers; my career progression may be limited without further study at some stage.



Reflecting on the SWOT above in relation to my experience, I can see that I need to focus my attention on ….

I could do this by ….

See the action planning section of this website.