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The way you think and approach a task is at least as important as the skills you have to do it, whether this is writing an assignment, booking a holiday or job seeking. Some people avoid challenges for fear of “failure” and will place emphasis on the outcome rather than the effort they put in. Others, with a growth mind-set, embrace challenges seeing effort as the path to mastering something. They learn from criticism and the success of others and keep going when things get difficult.

Developing a growth mind-set will be helpful to you in many aspects of your life including studying looking for work, and developing your career. To find out more watch Eduardo Briceno's video 'The Power of belief - mindset and success'.

Research has shown that many employers really value a growth mind-set and that those with one are more likely to find and keep work. In a rapidly changing economy confidence, optimism, resilience and perseverance are helpful to you and to employers.

How can you develop a growth mindset?

The Open University offers a free course on developing career resilience. You can either work through the whole course or choose individual sections.