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We make thousands of decisions each day. Career decisions can be difficult and complex to make. How can you develop your decision-making skills so you make better choices about your future?

Start by asking yourself 2 key questions:-

  1. What do I want from life?
  2. How will I get there?

The WRAP model of decision-making (Chip and Dan Heath)

Using this model can be helpful when making decisions about your future:-

Widen your Options
Reality Test Your Assumptions
Attain distance
Prepare to be wrong

There are some useful resources which explain this in more detail at

Consider how you currently make decisions

There are a number of approaches to decision-making. There is no evidence to suggest that any of these is more effective than any other. It is important for you to evaluate how you have made effective decisions previously, and to consider what approach you will take in making your next decision.

Decision-making approaches:-

  • pros and cons
  • Using intuition/gut feeling
  • Planned Happenstance i.e. creating opportunities for ourself
  • Talking to friends, family or using our beliefs

Click here and complete a quiz to consider how you currently make decisions.

How to make hard choices

An interesting TED talk on decision-making:-