Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

In addition to all the Swansea Employability Academy's information resources, your College will also have information relating to careers and employability on their web pages and in Blackboard.

Your College may arrange placements relevant to your course, and therefore will have a network of contacts which might also lead to longer term opportunities - make sure you don’t miss out on these!

So we've put a list of links together to make it easy for you to find them:

College of Arts and Humanities

Employability and international experience pages

College of Engineering

Employability Skills in the College of Engineering

MyUni College of Engineering Employability Support

College of Human and Health Sciences

Portal to employability pages for individual disciplines

Employability course in Blackboard (log into MyUni to access)

The Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law


School of Management

School of Management Careers Service
Placement schemes

College of Science

Employability resources in Blackboard (log into MyUni to access)

Swansea University Medical School

Employability resources in Blackboard (log into MyUni to access)