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The Brilliant Club is an award-winning university access charity. They work closely with masters, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, training them as university access professionals and placing them as tutors in state schools. Here they deliver academically rigorous programmes to small groups of high potential pupils from less-advantaged backgrounds.

Tutoring with The Brilliant Club

Swansea University works in partnership with The Brilliant Club to offer you the opportunity to join The Brilliant Club’s tutor community. Tutors get paid £500 per placement, plus an additional £100 for designing a new Scholars Programme course, and travel expenses. This a great opportunity to develop your teaching, communication and public engagement skills alongside supporting young people to access the most competitive universities.

This year The Brilliant Club are running two programmes for researchers to get involved with:

The Brilliant Tutoring Programme for masters/ doctoral/postdoctoral researchers

The Scholars Programme for doctoral/postdoctoral researchers


For more information, register to for an online information event

To apply, fill in the application form here

If you have any queries, please get in touch via


The deadline for applications is December 18th