Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information


If you're looking for a quiet and safe space to study, the below Central Learning Environments will all be available Monday to Friday 08.00 to 18.00 (from 26 April).

Please note that there may be some scheduled teaching taking place during these periods so please do not enter a room in use for teaching and please vacate the room if a class arrives for a scheduled session.

Don't forget to follow the safe use of space guidance on the previous page and read the: Safe Operating Procedure: Use of Informal Study Spaces.

These spaces don't need to be booked. You can just rock up and enjoy. As long as you're following the safety guidelines, these areas are all yours when not timetabled for teaching and learning.

Please note we are continuously reviewing the situation in line with the latest guidance and will update these pages accordingly. Please use these webpages to check availability before accessing these spaces for these purposes.

Singleton Campus

  • Digital Technium
  • Faraday Building
  • Faraday Tower
  • Glyndwr Building
  • Grove Building
  • James Callaghan
  • Keir Hardie
  • Margam Building
  • Richard Price
  • Wallace Building

Bay Campus

  • Computational Foundry
  • Engineering Central
  • School of Management
  • Y Twyni