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Two female students fencing at Welsh Versity

Are you on the fence about joining a Sport Swansea club? Don't worry, we offer you opportunities during the year to try out our clubs for free!

We understand that sometimes the massive choice of clubs at Swansea University makes choosing one really tough! That's why we offer opportunities during the year for you to try our sports clubs for free.

We offer all new Swansea University arrivals the chance to Give It A Go during Freshers Fortnight. You'll get the chance to talk to club reps at Freshers' Fayre and most clubs offer taster sessions during the first few weeks of term.

We also understand the start of term can be a bit overwhelming with so many things to get to grips with, but we really don't want you to miss out on being part of one of our clubs. That's why we offer Give It A Go activities and events in January too, so that you get the chance to find a club that suits you, or switch clubs and try out something new.

We'll keep you posted about all our taster sessions and events via the student newsletter and our social media channels - don't forget to follow us using the links below: