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Swansea University Varsity captains at Varsity 2018

Why Join One of Swansea University's Sports Clubs?

We have over 50 clubs for you to choose from at Swansea University; from athletics, aerial sports and archery right through to ultimate frisbee, waterpolo and windsurfing. Browse the full list of clubs over on the Students' Union website

There are so many reasons to join one of our fantastic Swansea University sports clubs. Whether you aspire to be a professional athlete, improve your health and fitness or just want to enjoy being part of a team, joining a Swansea University Sports Club is a great way to spend your free time whilst studying for your undergraduate or postgraduate qualification.

Our clubs cover every sport imagineable and being part of one is not just about sport, competition and fitness; being a member of the Sport Swansea team brings all kinds of benefits including camerarderie, a great social scene and, of course, friendships to last a lifetime!

Nathan Phillips: Athletics & X Country

Nathan Phillips, Sport Swansea Athletics and Cross Country Team Member

I was apprehensive about joining the atheltics club but I have made some of my best friends during my time in the club. Sport Swansea has given me access to some amazing opportunities to grow both as an athlete and as a person. It's not just about being part of a club though, you are joining a sporting community which makes life at university way more exciting, especially at Varsity.

I also had the opportunity to volunteer as a Sport Swansea Executive which has allowed me to meet some awesome sports people and helped me develop skills for life. Sport in Swansea is really inclusive. I’ve met so many different types of people during my involvement in sport here and I mean it when I say that there is a sport for everyone.

Emily Williams: Surf & Triathlon

Emily Williams, Swansea University Surf and Triathlon Team member rides a wave

Before coming to Swansea I hadn't surfed the local beaches too much, however once I joined the surf club I met loads of people and that really helped me get around and taught me loads about surfing in Swansea.

My Sport Swansea team mates really made me feel at home, especially in my first year being in a completely new city!

I've also joined the Hockey and Triathlon Clubs during my time at Swansea and the members have been so welcoming and supportive. Starting a new sport was a little bit daunting but I needn't have worried. I really have made friends for life by joining these clubs!

Rhian Evans : Netball

Swansea University netball team member Rhian Evans in action

Prior to starting university, I played netball to quite a high standard so was really looking forward to continuing my netball journey at Swansea University.

I have loved every second of the experience and gained some amazing opportunities through joining the netball club. Whether it be training, playing or socials, I always have the best time with the team. All of the girls and coaches are lovely and so welcoming, you really couldn’t ask for a better environment to play the sport you love!

Tanatswa Dzumbunu: Basketball

Tanatswa Dzumbunu and the Swansea University basketball team

Becoming a part of Swansea University Basketball Club is easily one of the best decisions I made during my student life. Prior to starting university, I had never played basketball before. However the club was so inclusive, welcomed me straight away and I did not have to worry about how to make friends.

Playing basketball has significantly helped improve my fitness levels and enhanced my social life at university. There’s nothing that compares to being part of a club and I would encourage everyone to sign up for a sports club during their time at university. 

Student Sport Membership

In order to join one of our sports clubs at Swansea University, you will first need to become a member of Sport Swansea.  Your membership provides you with a numer of benefits including insurance, access to equipment, discounts and the ability to join as many sports clubs as you want.

All the information you need about your preferred club, including details about how to join is over on the Students' Union Website: