Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information
Health & Safety Covid Induction


As a University, we have assessed the risks associated with COVID-19 in line with Government guidance and expectations. The University has used a risk based hierarchy approach to enable a safe return and operation of campus. The University recognises the risk of COVID-19 cannot be completely eliminated and has put control measures and guidance in place to minimise the risks to protect its community.

We will ensure that relevant measures are in place and our facilities are equipped and managed in line with health and safety guidelines to keep you safe and protect your health, whilst ensuring you receive the highest quality teaching, learning, support for your research and student experience. 

We will ensure that you are informed of any regulatory changes that affect the operation of any of our spaces or services to ensure we all help to keep the University a safe place to study and work.

Please take some time to listen to the covid-19 induction by clicking on the link in the image above. The induction outlines the University's approach and procedures in relation to covid-19 for all University students.

Please also take some time to review all relevant covid-19 information and guidance laid out in the sections below: