Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

When you arrive at Swansea University, you will need to collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) within 10 days of arriving in the UK. BRP cards are issued to students who undertake study for a period of greater than 6 months.  The BRP is a credit-card sized document which resembles a British driving licence.  This contains both your personal and biometric information and confirms your immigration permission in the UK.

During the main enrolment events in September/October you will be able to pick up your BRP card from the enrolment venue itself.  At other times of the year you will need to collect the BRP card from the University MyUniHub, as detailed on your collection letter.

You should check your BRP collection letter to see where you selected the BRP to be delivered to.  If you didn’t use Swansea University’s alternative location code, your BRP will be delivered for collection at a Swansea Post Office instead.

On collection of your BRP card, you must check to ensure the details are correct and accurate.  This includes:

  • Your correct personal details.
  • The correct course start and end date (you should receive the length of the course plus 4 months for courses of more than 12 months, length of course plus 2 months for courses between 6 and 12 months, length of course plus 1 month for a Pre-sessional course of less than 6 months and length of course plus 7 days for a course that lasts less than 6 months that is not a pre-sessional course)
  • The University’s Sponsor License number (18UEHPGX4)
  • Type of Permit (Student Route)
  • Work Hours (Work 20hrs max in term-time) if doing RQF6 level study or above

If you do identify any error on your BRP (with the exception of your full name not fitting on the card) you must go and see the International@CampusLife team who will advise on the process for correction.  Please see: for the times you can see them.  (These are called drop-in sessions on their website).

You can also find further information about the BRP card at: Biometric Residence Permit (BRPC) - Swansea University

Before you can begin your studies, the International Student Compliance Unit will need to take copies of your valid passport and valid BRP card.  This is called a Right to Study check.

Some students will be required to register with the police after they have collected their BRP.  Please see: Police Registration - Swansea University for further details.  The police come to the campus to register students.  Please book an appointment at MyUniHub.

You must make sure you fully understand and follow all of the conditions of your student route (previously Tier 4) visa. You must quickly respond to emails from Swansea University staff regarding your visa and study situation.  This helps to make sure the University can fulfil its Sponsor licence duties too.  You will be required to read and sign a student route (previously Tier 4) student declaration confirming this.  Please click here for a copy of the student route (previously Tier 4) student declaration.