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Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Mentoring

The College of Engineering is planning a new mentoring scheme for all postgraduate students and research staff. This scheme has been developed to help you translate your learning experiences into successful careers, integrate further support and facilitate interactions across research centres. We have purposely targeted this at both postgraduate researchers and research staff as we believe there are mutual benefits to peer mentoring across all stages of research experience and these stages of your career should not be seen or approached in isolation.

All postgrads and research staff can benefit from this scheme, irrespective of stage or position. Senior research fellows who have sustained a long and rewarding research career and been awarded prestigious grants can provide mentoring to research assistants seeking to build their careers. Early career research staff who will be far closer to completing their PhD than the majority of academic staff may be able to offer mentoring to those in their final stages of PhD regarding securing a postdoctoral position. Similarly, those in their final stages of PhD can provide mentorship for those who have recently embarked on their PhD. 

If you are interested in receiving training and becoming a mentor, please complete this questionnaire.

Mentors will receive training through the SAILS programme over the summer, and a list of trained mentors will be added to this page, along with some basic information about research area and interests. The time commitment is minimal. The training session to become a mentor is about 2 hours long, and to get formal recognition for mentoring, mentors will need to complete and record a total of 6 hours of time in mentor-related work. 

This programme is designed to be flexible. It is up to you, as a Mentor, whether you want to participate informally, or gain official qualifications for it. Either way, it will be a great way to build your CV and help strengthen the college’s research environment. 

Your Research Mentors

Please see the list below of the Postgraduate Research Students and Research staff who have been trained and are available to act as mentors. Email if interested in getting in touch with any of the mentors, or learning more about their interests and areas of expertise.

Mentor List by Research Area