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Natalia Sikora
Natalia Sikora
Hi, I'm Natalia!

I speak 5 languages and I used to play a double-bass and a bass guitar in a jazz band. In my free time, I enjoy a host of activities from yoga and wind surfing to reading and gardening as well as riding my motorcycle (when I'm in my home country), horses and practising Krav Maga.

My favourite thing about the Physics Department is how diverse it is, yet everyone is friendly and willing to communicate their scientific projects to others! There is so much you can learn.



I adore asking questions and finding solutions, and I welcome any opportunity to work in an environment which gives me the chance to do so. Working as a Subject Representative allows me to have a direct impact on the community and represent my peers.

Physics Subject Rep


To work with staff and students to enhance and develop the student experience, both in academic and non-academic areas. I also promote the student voice in appropriate committees, so we can see a change in how PGR programs are run. I aim to create a more inclusive environment in our department by organising events for PGR students and more opportunities for networking

An interesting fact about me


I focus on the applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in medicine (and will hopefully start the deep learning part pretty soon). My PhD is a multifaceted project which aims to maximise the performance of a non-invasive, bowel cancer blood test and incorporate patient data (such as co-morbidities, current medications, sex, ethnicity and anaesthesia) to enhance diagnostic capability of our algorithm.

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