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Kristian Ions
Kristian Ions
Hi, I'm Kristian!

I was born in Cardiff and came to Swansea to complete my undergraduate course in civil engineering. I have many hobbies but the main one is rugby and which I enjoyed throughout university with the society. I've always loved the outdoors and travelling. In particular climbing/hiking whether its down the hangar or Rhossili and surfing (wherever there's decent swell). Since lockdown I have become quite the chef too! After my PhD I'm hoping to travel for a while and then complete couple different post-docs in different institutes that are leaders in nature based solutions in coastal engineering, before eventually working my way over to industry.


The transition from a taught degree to research can be challenging, there have been several occasion I have felt unsure about what was required of me as a PGR student so I am hoping by taking on this role I can help any one else who finds them self in this situation.

ZCCE Subject Rep


My role as a subject rep is to listen to Postgraduate Research students and gain an understanding of their views and opinons and provide feedback to the student union on how we can improve and streamline the student experience.

An interesting fact about me



Being a coastal engineer studying in Swansea is the ideal scenario for me. Surrounded by the beautiful coastlines is really inspiring. Studying something that can help contribute to a solution to the many challenges we face from climate change is the reason I study this subject.

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