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Filippos Pantekis
Filippos Pantekis
Hi, I'm Filippos!


When it comes to hobbies I am a bit of a nerd, I enjoy working with electronics ranging from small embedded devices, to powerful GPGPUs and high performance computers which align with my research. Currently I teach a module in the university and aspire to become an academic to continue on!


I was a subject rep for Computer Science as an undergraduate student, and I thoroughly enjoyed pursuing change in the department based on feedback from our cohort, and knowing that I contributed a little bit in that change being brought to action. That still hasn't changed!

Computer Science Subject Rep


This post is pretty flexible, and there is no strict set of tasks to follow. It very much depends on the department, level of study, and cohort. My role entails acting as a bridge between the department and students to both act as the student voice, but also to follow up with responses from the department.

An interesting fact about me


For my research I am looking at how solving techniques to some computationally hard problems can be applied to massively parallel environments efficiently. What still impresses me is how simple puzzles and problems that are easy to understand, can have solutions so complex and require such delicate handling to solve efficiently!

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