International Student Crisis Fund

International Student Crisis Fund

Money@CampusLife administer the International Student Crisis Fund to provide financial assistance to eligible international students who are faced with unexpected crises.

Please note:

• The fund is not available for hardship due to a shortfall of income.
• The fund is not available as a means to supplement living costs, nor as a bursary, scholarship or stipend.

The purpose of the International Student Crisis Fund is to provide short-term assistance in respect of an unexpected crises, to help you remain in University. As an International/EU student not eligible for statutory funding, you are expected to show that you made adequate financial provision for your fees and living costs before starting the course.

All applicants to the International Student Crisis Fund are therefore required to demonstrate that they had made adequate arrangements to finance their course before they came to the University, and that these arrangements have been affected by unforeseen crises, or events beyond their control.
Examples of crisis:
• Death of a sponsor
• Natural disaster, political crisis or war in a student's home country relating in cessation of sponsorship
• Illness or accident befalling the student necessitating an extension of study period
• Student becomes disabled and requires additional support but is not eligible for publicly-funded support
• Student is a victim of crime involving significant loss
• Unexpected childcare costs e.g. if spouse becomes ill, and has to return home temporarily
• Unexpected travel home
• Costs associated with extension of stay where this is beyond the control of the student. This does not include academic failure, but rather where the student has been the subject to extenuating circumstances.

As part of the application process you will be expected to provide relevant evidence to support your testimony.
If you have any queries about applying, please contact 

Students must use their student email when contacting any of the Money@CampusLife inboxes or members of staff.

If you are in your final year, you must submit your application at least 5 weeks before your course end date. All applications will be assessed in the context of the applicant nearing their course completion date.