Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

Your results

You can access your results via your intranet profile. Then click on the ‘Course Details’ section on the lefthand side menu and select ‘2021 modules’ for the 2021-22 Academic year. Click on the link to the left to log into your intranet profile.

When you go to your profile, you will be given something called a level decision. This will indicate what your next steps are. Level decisions are explained in more detail below. If you click on the expanders below you'll find information relating to interpreting your results, as well as what each level decision means. There will be a blue question mark icon next to the decision - if you click on the link to the left it will give you a full explanation.

In your foundation or first year, you must complete a minimum of 80 credits with an overall module mark of 40% or more. You should also achieve an overall average of 35% across all your modules.  You can tolerate failure in up to 40 credits of modules, with a mark between 30-39%. Anything over 40 credits changes your level decision - you can find more information on this below.

Level Decisions