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Uploading Your Passport

To upload your passport, please ensure that your passport is in date (has not expired) and that you have a clear scanned image of your passport before you begin.

The image should be of the page containing your photo and personal information (place of birth, passport number etc.) only.  No other pages will be accepted. Please do not include the page opposite the photo page as this reduces the image quality.

  1. To start login to your Myuni account and click on the Intranet
  2. Once you have logged in you should see the message “Prior to enrolling online you are REQUIRED to upload your passport Here”. Please click on the link to take you to the passport upload page. Otherwise, if you do not see the screen below please click on personal details from the menu on the left and click onto the Identification tab.

    Screen shot of enrolment application

  3. Next the passport upload page will be shown. Please complete the form carefully and ensure that the information provided is accurate.
    Passport upload interface screenshot.
     All of the fields must be completed - see below guidance how to complete each field: 
    • Image Upload

      You will need to upload an image of your passport. You CANNOT upload a pdf. We accept jpeg or png file types with a max file size of 100MB. Please ensure the uploaded image is of good quality as this could prevent you from collecting your ID card and/or completing enrolment.

    • Passport Number

      This can be found on the top right of your passport and is 9 characters in length.

    • Name

      The name needs to match the name that is on your passport. Please ensure you enter all names displayed.

    • Issue Date and Expiry Date

      Please select the dates from the date picker, ensure these dates are correct as this could prevent you from collecting your ID card.

    • Passport Nationality

      The nationality cannot be changed as this is retrieved from your personal details and should match with your passport. Please select “Yes” from the drop down if your nationality is correct. If not please select “No” and follow the instructions.

    • Place of Issue.

      Enter the place of issue as displayed on your passport

    • Country of Birth

      Select from the drop down the country of birth displayed on your passport.

    • Place of Birth

      Enter the place of birth as displayed on your passport.

Remember to bring your passport when collecting your university ID card. 

The passport you upload must match the passport you present in person.