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Pledge to help and support our next generation of students

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Get Involved

As a partner of Swansea, we hope that your education and opportunities whist you studied here has led you onto great things and that you feel a connection and sense of belonging to the University. Therefore we are asking for your pledge to help and support our next generation of students and give back to our community.

There are many ways that you can get involved:

  • Your time (coming back to the University and inspiring students through talks or judging competitions).
  • Mentoring students who are looking for a career in your industry
  • Entrepreneurial placements or internships at your company ( Local, Nationally or  Internationally )
  • A financial donation to support delivering Entrepreneurial Education and a start up fund
  • Promoting what the University is trying to achieve around your network for others to get involved
  • Providing problems for our students to work on as “Real life” projects
  • Becoming a member of Swansea university: LINC The University’s business network
  • Other suggestions on how you wish to get involved

Make a Donation