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Toby Benson

Entrepreneurship Placement

Photo of student, Toby Benson.

Toby Benson, BA Business Management 2017-2020

Toby Benson, a second year student studying Business Management, attended Swansea Employability Academy’s (SEA) Annual Gala Dinner where he met Mark Douglas and Jeremy Stephens from Aspire2Be and enquired about work experience with the company.

During his internship, Toby produced a comprehensive paper about the digital competency of students. This has given Aspire2Be new insight into the digital challenges faced by students that they hope will help them identify new opportunities in the Higher Education sector.

As well as providing practical work experience and helping him gain confidence, Toby was able to expand his network - the Entrepreneurs Network (of which Toby is president) - during the internship. Drawing on Aspire2Be’s contacts Toby pursued a new opportunity with NatWest Entrepreneurship Hub who agreed to collaborate with the Entrepreneurs Network to provide greater resources to students choosing to run their own business as a year in industry.

“This freedom to make my own decisions was particularly appreciable as it felt as if I was being treated as a professional and that my skills and input were valued.”