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Osprey Metals Ltd was founded in 1974 by three innovative post-graduates from Swansea University, who established the business in the region. They invented and then registered several patents for the Osprey Spray Forming process. In 1984, Sandvik acquired the company outright and has been a supportive parent ever since.

Sandvik Osprey has developed a huge portfolio of specialty alloys customized for specific clients, such as nickel- and cobalt-based super-alloys, as well as materials for aerospace and dental applications. 40 years on, the company has become an outstanding success story in the fields of powder metallurgy and advanced materials.

Still based in South Wales today, they employ 149 staff, and registered over £30 million of revenue in 2017, with profits of over £5m. The company is vital to the future prosperity of Swansea and the surrounding area, supporting regional economic development, creating skilled jobs and attracting talent and investment to South West Wales.