Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

Online Enrolment and Orientation

Induction week starts the week commencing September 20th. Below, you will find a full list of the week's events and activities - please note that schedule, Zoom links and passwords for each of these session have also been emailed to you.

Pre-Master students will be able to attend the General Induction week starting September 20th with all other new students but will also have a Pre-Masters Academic Induction week starting September 27th. This is a week of various online induction events some run by The College (us) and some run by your host Colleges.

Teaching starts the week of the 27th of September for Undergraduates and October 4th for Pre-Master Students and you will be able to join one of our sessions during induction week that will show you how to view your timetable.

Induction Week Timetables