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Online Enrolment and Orientation

We hope that you are enjoying Online Orientation. Each day we will upload the sessions that have taken place so, if you didn't manage to watch them live, you can catch up.

If you have trouble viewing any of the sessions, please get in touch with

Monday 1st June 2020

Introduction to the Students' Union

Led by past College student and Students’ Union Education Officer, Theresa Ogbekhiulu, you can find out about what the Students’ Union can offer.

Increasing mobility throughout the body

Are you looking for ways to stay mobile even when in lockdown? Join Faye Chapman for half an hour of movement – excellent after a long lecture!!

Introduction to the Centre for Academic Success

Find out more about how you can get support during your studies and learn some new study hacks to get the semester off to a great start!

Introduction to International@Campus Life

Join Kayleigh Hughes and Nick Ruggieri to hear about how the International @Campus Life team can support you, what activities they are currently running and how you can get involved.

Student Volunteering with Discovery

Hear from current student Caitlin Jones about how you can take part in volunteering opportunities – both when you get to Swansea and online now!

Thursday 4th June

Wildlife Appreciation

Join Benjamin Sampson, Biodiversity Officer, for a practical session to boost your wildlife sightings and learn how to create an at home see planter - you will need the following items if you want to build your planter as the session runs:

  • Old plastic bottle (something big like a 2 litre Coca Cola bottle is perfect)
  • Old fabric or dishcloth
  • Some compost
  • Seeds of your choice!

If you want to keep track of all the creatures you are spotting on walks or in your garden, you can download a Backyard Bioblitz sheet.

Friday 5th June

Social Media Masterclass

Join Swansea University’s Social Media and Digital Manager, Crystal Evans, for a Social Media masterclass and find out how you can get involved to share your content and experiences with a global audience.

Online tour of Swansea

You can’t come to Swansea just yet, but join Kathryn Tomos in this session to find out more about Swansea including places to eat, shop and explore once you are here.

Introducing the Alumni Team

Learn more about Swansea University’s history as it celebrate it’s 100th anniversary, PLUS find out how you can get connected with Swansea University’s global alumni network. Sign up to today to start expanding your network.