Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

Here you will find additional academic support and information available from both The College and Swansea University.

Finding extra support if you need it

We hope you are adapting now to your new way of studying online. This has happened very quickly. It may be that there are challenges for you. These could range from not being sure how to plan your study time or to prepare for alternative assessment to struggling with finding a quiet place to work, not having the software or device that you need, or having to help out more at home.

Keep in touch with The College and your friends at Swansea University. We are here to support you during these unusual times.

Find support on:


Centre for Academic Success and Library Support Sessions

In the coming weeks, the Centre for Academic Success will be running support sessions including areas such as referencing, study hacks and research skills. These will take place on a weekly basis on Wednesdays between 1pm and 3pm.

The first session will take place on Wednesday 30th June, 1-3pm -Zoom link

You will automatically be added to the Canvas page within the next few days, you will find more information regarding these sessions on the page. You will be able to access the zoom links as well as watch the recorded sessions.

In these 2 hour sessions, there will be an a presentations from the Centre for Academic Success and a period where you can ask questions and practice your skills.

These sessions are only available for the Summer students with the College, so please take advantage to expand your knowledge. If you have any questions please email 

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