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Timetables and Calendars

How to use the Teaching Timetables, the Canvas Calendar, and the Assessment Calendar in conjunction to help you understand your study schedule and manage your time.

The Teaching Timetables

The teaching timetables show the main teaching and learning activities for all modules within each programme of study. These teaching timetables are available on the College Intranet. Each timetable is specific to your course and year, so please view the one that is relevant to you. These show all the scheduled teaching activities, but they really give an overview; they will not have details of which group you are in for activities that have multiple repeat sessions and they do not include any optional sessions that may be scheduled. A single timetable that had all this information on would be too complicated to be any use.

On your timetable, under each event, you will see:

  • The Module Code: This code (ie. EG-163) identifies which module the teaching session is associated with. When you enrol you are asked to confirm your module selection (including any optional modules), and after enrolling you will have a list of the modules that you need to attend in the first semester (TB1) under Student Profile/Course Details/2020 Modules on the University Intranet.
  • Session Type: Your teaching sessions each have a type, these can be Lecture, Example Class, Seminar, and Practical (Labs and PC Labs).
  • Mode of Delivery: Each session will be identified as Online Delivery, or Campus Delivery (In Person). All activities on the Timetables are currently online for the start of Semester 2 (Spring Semester).
  • Weeks: The Academic year is divided into numbered weeks, this section on the timetable identifies which weeks a teaching session will run. Please pay close attention to this, as not all teaching sessions run every week. Please see the 20/21 Academic Year for dates. Monday 25th January is Week 19 in the academic calendar.


The Assessment Calendar

The Assessment Calendar provides you with a summary of your assessment deadlines for the Semester, along with the estimated time period in which these will take place.

Your Module Coordinators will add and release your assessment deadlines to the Canvas pages throughout the Semester, and upcoming deadlines may appear on your Canvas Calendar if Module Coordinators add them to the calendar. However, to get a better picture of all of your assessment deadlines across the semester, you will need to go to your personalised Assessment Calendar on the College Intranet.

To access the Assessment Calendar, you will need to log onto the College Intranet and click on ‘Assessment Calendar’ under the ‘Courses and Modules’ section.


The Canvas Calendar

The Canvas Calendar is not a replacement for the Teaching Timetables. Your Canvas Calendar will show you upcoming events and assessment deadlines that your Module Coordinators have added to Canvas, but will not show you your complete timetable. It will include any optional sessions that have been set up through Canvas, most assignment deadlines for that module, but it may not show any assignments that are done outside of Canvas.  You can select individual modules on the Calendar to make things clearer, or look at all the modules, though that becomes quite busy. It should be used in conjunction with the Teaching Timetable, but not as a replacement of it. We are requesting that all staff add as much detail to the Canvas Calendars for each module, to make the details as complete as we can. We hope that this will mean that the Canvas Calendar for each module is the best set of overall information, but you should check with the other timetables as well.

Timetable and Calendar Frequency Asked Questions