Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

No Detriment Framework

We understand our students have concerns surrounding the ongoing Covid pandemic, and we would like to reassure you we are committed to supporting you to achieve your best outcome.

The University and the Students’ Union have been working together to form a No Detriment Framework which will ensure our students are treated with fairness whilst maintaining and safeguarding the value of
your degree.

This framework builds on a number of changes we have already made to protect our students, and it will be in place to support you through the 20-21 academic session.

The safety-net calculation was applied to students’ modules during the 19 - 20 academic year only as a response to the initial impact of the Pandemic. If you were eligible for a Safety Net calculation in 2019 - 20, the Safety Net calculation will not appear on your record as a progressing student, but has been saved and will be considered when awarding your degree classification in your final year. If you are a Final Year student in 2020 - 21, your 2019-20 Safety Net classification will be considered when calculating your final degree award in 20-21.

Instead of the Safety Net, going forward into the 20 - 21 academic year the university has agreed that the No Detriment Framework will be in place to support students. Please see the links to more information regarding the 2020 - 21 No Detriment policy:

No Detriment summary
Supporting UG Students Through Covid-19 2020-21 FAQS - Swansea University
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Please see the Safety Net FAQs page for more information about who was eligible for a Safety Net in 2019 - 20, how the 2019 - 20 Safety Net was calculated, and how the Safety Net will be applied to ensure the best possible outcome when you reach your final year of study. If you have any questions please contact the Science Admin Team via (for Science students) and contact the Engineering and Sport and Exercise Science team via (for students in Engineering and Sport and Exercise Science).