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May/June 2021 Assessment Timetables

Please find below the timetables for the May/June 2021 Assessment Period. Please note that all times are listed as UK British Standard Time (BST)/ Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Should you have any questions, please refer to our updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Please review the timetables carefully, and contact the Student Information Team as soon as possible to discuss options if you anticipate any possible issues with the release times or timeframes for your assessments (e.g. because of time zones, caring responsibilities, etc.).

Extra-Time and Rest-Break Provisions: For any assessment which is 24 hours or less in duration, your extra-time and/or rest-break provisions will be automatically applied as for in-person exams. You should receive an email to confirm your provisions, but if you have not or cannot find the information, please contact the Student Information Team.

If you begin an assessment and realise that you have not been given your additional time, please contact the Student Information Team via right way (ideally while the assessment is still open) so that we can investigate and correct this if necessary.

Reader Provisions: For students who usually have access to a readers for in-person examinations, this is not an applicable provision for the online assessments. However, we do suggest students review the assistive technology available to them:

Assessment Timetables