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Studying smarter is about using techniques which help you to be a more effective and creative learner. It is a science-driven approach based on how our brains operate and offers strategies to help you solve problems and learn more effectively.

Studying smarter will increase your efficiency and productivity as your time will be spent more purposefully. Having control over your study processes, increasing your powers of memory and being a creative problem-solver are skills that will stay with you forever – so they are worth learning! These kinds of strategies can also help you to manage the anxiety that sometimes accompanies exams.

What the Centre for Academic Success offers

Our Study Hacks workshops focus specifically on sharpening the skills you need to become a more effective learner, delving into everything from the science behind the habits of the best learners to the secrets of memory champions, to the way we can all become more creative thinkers. You will find specific tips and tricks for exam success in our exam skills workshops, and don’t forget to look online to access our popular Learn to Learn e-learning course.

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