Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

Message to Students

Examinations 2021/22 – Teaching Block One

For the majority of students TB1 in-person exams have been replaced with an appropriate, alternative assessment, which has been determined by your Faculty/School.

However, there are some exceptions where there will be a limited number of in-person on-site examinations in January 2021.  These include programmes with professional examinations (School of Medicine, School of Management and LPC examinations in the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law) or where the Faculty/School has determined that there is an essential pedagogical requirement to hold in-person examinations (e.g programmes in Computer Science and Physics)

You will be notified of the date(s) of your in-person examinations and/or alternative assessment by the relevant Faculty/School at least 2 weeks in advance of the assessment-taking place. 

If you have been assessed by the University as requiring provisions (e.g rest breaks/extra time for timed assessments), your Faculty/School or in the case of in-person examinations the University Examinations Office will ensure that suitable provisions are put in place.

Following the January assessment period further information on the format of TB2 examinations/assessments will be made available to you.