Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

Covid-19 Student Conduct

The University has developed a new Supplemental Student Charter in response to the Covid-19 pandemic that all students are required to agree to as part of the online enrolment process. The Supplemental Student Charter is intended to respect the personal safety of students, staff and the wider community by ensuring that we all help to keep the University a safe place to study and work.

Allegations of breaches of the expectations set out in the Supplemental Student Charter or in respect of health and safety requirements more generally will be considered in accordance with the University’s regulations and procedures governing student conduct and discipline

Allegations in respect of student conduct that does not meet University requirements in respect 0f Covid-19 would fall under the ‘Health/Safety Concern and Misuse of/Damage to Property’ section within the list of example disciplinary offences provided in Appendix One of the University’s Disciplinary procedures.

Allegations will be taken forward in accordance with the process outlined in Section 11 of the Disciplinary procedures and will, depending upon their level of seriousness, fall into one of three categories:
- Offences that may be dealt with by an Academic Services nominee (Category 1);
- Offences that may be dealt with by the Student Disciplinary Officer (Category 2);
- Offences dealt with by a Committee Panel (Category 3).

There are a wide range of potential sanctions in respect of proven cases that range from offering an apology, issuing formal written warnings or a behavioural contract in respect of Category 1, through to suspension or exclusion from the University in respect of Category 3. The range of sanctions in respect of any category of offence also carries the ability to impose such other sanction as is considered appropriate to the offence which would not include suspension of withdrawal from the programme or the University. Subject to reasonableness, there is no limiting the scope of this penalty and previous sanctions under this penalty have included:
- Referring the student or groups of students for interview with the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer;
- Requiring students to attend restorative training courses or sign up to specific pledges outside the scope of a behavioural agreement.

The full range of sanctions will apply in accordance with the category of the offence for any Covid 19 related allegations.