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In cases where an examiner and an appropriate second marker find a substantial part of an examination, script or assessment to be illegible the College may take one of the following three actions:

  1. In cases where reading the illegible assessment or script would take an academic an unreasonable amount of time and would not permit appropriate consideration of the text the College may choose to use transcription services with the cost being passed to the candidate;
  2. In cases where the assessment or script is entirely illegible the candidate will be required to attend campus to dictate their script to a third party in the presence of an invigilator. The student will be expected to pay for these services;
  3. Where neither of the above options are applicable, the institution reserves the right to award a 0% mark.

In cases where the legibility of the assessment is part of the learning outcome for the assessment and where an examiner and an appropriate second marker find part or all of the assessment to be illegible, the College may award a mark of 0% for that particular assessment component.

Colleges are expected to continue to work closely with the University Disability Office to ensure that this approach does not disadvantage students inappropriately.